ISCOM 2009 本文へジャンプ

The conductivity, superconductivity and magnetism in molecular materials have been the main subjects thorough the past ISCOM's. ISCOM2009 follows this policy. On the other hand, the forum should be interdisciplinary to develop a new frontier in molecular materials science. In ISCOM2009, we encourage the contributions from the related fields such as dielectrics, surface/interface and novel functional materials.

Scope of ISCOM2009
  • Synthesis of New Molecules and Molecular Materials

  • Physics of Low Dimensional Metals and Superconductors

  • Electron Correlation in Molecular Materials

  • Molecular Magnetism

  • Molecular Dielectrics

  • Novel Functional Materials

  • Field- or Photo-Induced Phenomena

  • Organic Thin Films, Interfaces, and Devices

  • Theory, Modeling, and Computation