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September 13. Poster Session
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Poster Session 1 (PS1) 20:30 - 22:00
Accepted Abstract No. Name Title
00045 Murata Tsuyoshi
Metal-Insulator Transition of Alloyed Radical Cation Salts, (MexEDO-TTF)2PF6
00046 Sugimoto Toyonari
Template-free Growth of Nano/microcrystals of Magnetic Molecular Conductors vy Electrochemical Oxidation of Bent Donor Molecules
00061 Reinheimer Eric Wada
Structure and Properties of Hybrid o-Me2TTF Salts Containing Polyoxometalate and Hexacyanometalate Anions
00063 Ichikawa Shun
Development of the New Organic Donor Ligand Metal Complex with Metallic Behavior, [CuCl0.2Br1.3(pyra-TTF)]
00074 Akutsu Hiroki
Structures and Properties of Anionic Acceptors and their Charge-Transfer Salts
00274 El-Ghayoury Addelkrim
Synthesis, Crystal Chemistry and Physical Properties of TTF-Amino acids and peptides
00014 Clerac Rodolphe
Rational Design of Magnetic Materials Based on "Single-Molecule Magnet" Building-Blocks
00024 Ouahab Lahcene
4d and 4f Paramagnetic Metal Ions for Elaborations of TTF-Based-Multifunctional Materials
00033 Sakurai Takahiro
ESR Study of Ionic(I)-Ionic(II) Transition Transfer Salt (dineopentylbifferocene)(F1-TCNQ)3
00080 Fujita Wataru
Magnetic Phase Transitions in 2D Quadratic Magnets BBDTA-X
00090 Sugano Tadashi
Magnetic and Structural Properties of Monoradicals and Diradicals Based on Thienyl-Substituted Nitronyl Nitroxide
00097 Zhou Biao
A New Antiferromagnetic Molecular Conductor With Modified lambda-type Structure, λ'-(BETS)2FeBr4
00100 Maki Sachiko
Charge density study of (DBr-DCNQI)2Cu by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
00005 Mori Hatsumi
Peculiar Electric-Field-Induced Metastable State of Charge-Ordered Molecular Conductor β-(meso-DMBEDT-TTF)2PF6
00044 Stephenson Andrew
Control of Metallic and Superconducting Properties of Metal Mixed Plastics
00057 Fujimoto Takuya
Crystal Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Octathio[8]circulene
00078 Tsujimoto Keijiro
Development of Photo-induced Conductors Using TTF Derivatives Substituted by Fluorescent Aromatic Rings
00079 Fujiwara Hideki
Development of Photo-functional Materials Using TTF derivatives Containing a 1,3-Benzothiazole Ring
00276 Yemeli Tido Eddy Weulersse
(The Netherlands)
Light-Induced Low Spin to High Spin Transition in [FeII(bpp)2](ClO4)2.MeCN - [bpp = 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyrazine]
00008 Beckwith Andrew
Instanton Formation, Discrete Field Theory Calculations, and Improvement of I-E Curve Calculations for NbSe3 CDW Simulations
00020 Kirova Natasha
Perspectives for the Ferroelectricity in π-Conjugated Systems.
00022 Oka Takashi
Non-equilibrium Superconducting Transition in Correlated Electron Systems
00032 Brazovskii Serguei
Nonlinear Relaxation Through Domain Walls in the Ferroelectric State of Organic Conductors
00049 Charfi-Kaddour Samia
(Republic of Tunisia)
Optical Properties and Quasiparticle Behavior in Normal State of κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X Compounds
00053 Cano-Cortes Laura
Screening of Coulomb Repulsion Energies in Organic Molecular Compounds
00054 Yamamoto Shoji
Optical Distinction and Photoinduced Phase Transition between Degenerate Ground States of Polyacene
00066 Torrens Francisco
Asymptotic Analysis of Coagulation-fragmentation Equations for Carbon Nanotube Formations
00069 Koga Akihisa
Phase Transitions in the Half-filled Hubbard Model on the Triangular Lattice
00026 Nagasawa Mitsuharu
Anisotropic Pressure Effects on the Charge Order Transition of (TMTTF)2X
00031 Kishigi Keita
Generalized Susceptibility of the Quasi-one-dimensional Organic Conductors with the Triclinic Lattice Symmetry
00081 Suzumura Yoshikazu
Magnetic Susceptibility from Spin Density Wave State to Superconducting State in Quasi-one-dimensional Conductors
00084 Bonacic Losic Zaljana
(Republic of Croatia)
Collective Excitations in Layered Organic Conductors
00128 Iwano Kaoru
Electronic Structure of (EDO-TTF)2PF6 in its High Temperature Phase: Indications of Inherent Strong Electron Correlation
00130 Oshima Kokichi
Determination of Molecular Density Distribution by SEM in Mixed Crystals of Organic Metals
00135 Tanaka Hisaaki
ESR Observations of Dehydration-Induced Electronic Phase Changes in Iodo-Bridged Diplatinum Complexes
00151 Ogura Misuzu
Low Temperature Super-lattice Structure in β"-(BEDT-TTF)(TCNQ)
00275 Ishii Yasuyuki
Zero Field- and Longitudinal Field-μSR Studies of Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductors.
00009 Hirose Shinji
13C-NMR Study of Charge Order State of the Organic Conductor α'-(BEDT-TTF)2IBr2
00012 Eto Yoshihiro
13C-NMR Study on κ-(BEDT-TTF)4Hg2.89Br8 under Pressure
00029 Hiejima Toshihiro
Infrared and Raman Studies of α-(BEDT-TTF)2MHg(SCN)4 with M=K and NH4 at Low Temperature-the Charge Ordering Fluctuation with Breaking the Inversion Symmetry
00030 Zverev Vladimir Nikolaevich
(Russian Federation)
Magnetotransport Properties of a New Hybrid Metal α-(BEDT-TTF)2[Mn2Cl5(H2O)5]
00038 Scriven Edan Paul
Density Functional Parameterisation of the Hubbard Model as an Effective Low Energy Hamiltonian for Organic Charge Transfer Salts
00039 Yue Yue
Charge Order and its Fluctuation in α-type BEDT-TTF Charge Transfer Salts
00048 Kawamoto Atsushi
Single Site Enriched 13C-NMR on Charge Ordering System
00077 Yoneyama Naoki
X-ray irradiation effect on magnetic properties of dimer-Mott insulators: κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl and β'-(BEDT-TTF)2ICl2
00085 Nakano Yoshiaki
Charge Disproportionation in Semiconducting θ-Type Salts of BTM-TTP and BSM-TTP
00091 Yakushi Kyuya
Charge Order-Disorder Phase Transition in α'-(BEDT-TTF)2IBr2
00106 Brandenburg Jens
High Excess Noise Level in the (BEDT-TTF)2X-salts
00190 Ishioka Junya
Evidence of Chiral Cherge-Density-Waves in TiSe2 by Using STM and Optical Ellipsometry
00266 Hirata Michihiro
13C-NMR Study of the Dirac-electron Systems in the Quasi-Two-Dimensional Organic Conductor θ-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 under Hydrostatic Pressures
00027 Miyasaki Hitoshi
Temperature-Dependent Stepwise Charge-Transfers in a One-Dimensional Chain of a Paddlewheel [Ru2II,II] Complex and DM-DCNQI Inducing Insulator (I)-Metal (M)/M-I Transitions with Subsequent Ferrimagnetic Spin Ordering
00041 Abdel Jawad Majed
Dielectric Constant of κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3
00064 Kawakami Yohei
Optical Control of Effective on-Site Coulomb Repulsion in Organic Dimer Mott Insulator
00072 Uemura Hirotaka
Ultrafast Charge Dynamics in Organic One-Dimensional Mott Insulators
00093 Fujioka Jun
Dynamical Disorder of the π-molecular-skeleton Structures in the Hydrogen Bonded Organic Ferroelectrics
00143 Tao Shoichi
Photogeneration and Relaxation Dynamics of Excitons and Charge Carriers in an Organic Molecular Semiconductor Rubrene
00165 Takubo Naoko
Photoinduced Insulator to Metal Transition in (BEDT-TTF)3(ClO4)2 and Related Materials
00214 Kagawa Fumitaka
Ferroelectric Spin-Peierls Transition in the Organic Charge Transfer Salt TTF-BA
00219 Iimori Toshifumi
Nonthermal Photoresponse in an Organic Superconductor Investigated by Time-Resolved Measurement of Electrical Conductivity
00245 Kato Takeo
Finite-temperature Phase Diagram of Neutral-Ionic Transition in Charge-transfer Organic Complexes
00270 Hosoda Masayuki
NQR Study of Neutral-Ionic Transition on TTF-QCl4

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