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September 15.

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Oral Session 9. Thin Film Transistor and Bulk Thermoelectric Materials

Professor Y. Liu (China)
Organic thin Film Transistors Based on π-conjugated Semiconductors
Professor K. Takimiya (Japan)
Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of New Heteroarene-based Organic Semiconductors for Thin-film Transistors
Professor C. Rovira (Spain)
Organic Free Radicals for Electronic and Magnetic Functional Surfaces
Professor H. Yoshino (Japan)
Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of τ-type Conductors of Several Donors
Professor K. Kuroki (Japan)
"Pudding Mold"-type Band as an Origin of Large Thermopower in τ-type Organic Conductors

Oral Session 10. Magneto- and Photo-sensitive Materials

Professor J. A. Schlueter (USA)
Control of Magnetic Dimensionality Through Application of Pressure in Hydrogen Bonded Magnetic Coordination Polymers
Professor J. Wosnitza (Germany)
Magnetic Order and Magnetic Exchange Interactions in the Quasi-two-dimensional Magnets [Cu(pyz)2(HF)2]X with=BF4 and PF6
Professor B. Zhang (China)
Crystal-to-crystal Transformation from Antiferromagnetic Chains into a Ferromagnetic Diamondoid Framework
Professor K. Takahashi (Japan)
Development of Spin-crossover Complexes with a Protonic Dipolar Anion: Toward Switchable Spin-crossover Protonics
Professor L. A. Kushch (Russia)
Supermolecular Systems on the Platform on p-Sulfonatothiacalix[4]arene Containing Photochromic Mononitrosyl Ru(II) and Paramagnetic Aqua Gd and Dy Complexes
Professor C. Mathonière (France)
Photomagnetic Mixed-valence Compounds: Molecules and Nanoparticules

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