ISCOM 2009 本文へジャンプ

Activities in Niseko

There are many activites around Niseko
Half-day Rafting at Shiribetsu river

Niseko Adventure Center (NAC)

Your clothes may become wet during the tour. Please do not wear jeans or cotton pant because it becomes heavy and danger when it gets wet.
Please read here.
Pure (Niseko Village Activities)
Pure is Niseko Village’s summer activity and nature activity area.

You can enjoy all items marked by S in the pamphlet (PDF file below).

Download Guidebook (PDF)
Short Trip to Shinsen Pond
After 30-40 minutes driving from Hilton Niseko Village, you can reach Shinsen pond. It is suitable for trekking. It is located at 750 meters above the sea.There are small ponds and marshes. Everybody can touch and feel nature. It is easy to walk because there are wooden boardwalk around marshes.

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